Teaching listening module 6

There are a number of excellent resources on the Web. Your most significant considerations will be Teaching listening module 6 and space; that is, the time you dedicate to your learning and the environment in which you engage in that learning. You will find links for tips on study preparation a list of nine essentials for a good study placetaking notes, strategies for reading textbooks, using reference sources and coping with test anxiety.

As a consequence, you will need to consider performance issues related to time management, goal setting, stress management, etc. Perhaps you will also need to reacquaint yourself with such things as essay planning, coping with exams and using the Web as a learning resource.

This is a distance learning programme, thus the time frame is flexible and largely self-directed. Module outcomes Upon completion of Module 6 — Communicative Grammar you will be able to: Grammar across the Curriculum Welcome to Module 6 — Communicative Grammar The ability to communicate effectively in any situation involves the skills of listening and responding appropriately to messages.

The above links are our suggestions to start you on your way. This is often referred to as communicative competence.

At the time of writing these Web links were active. Study skills Study skills As an adult learner your approach to learning will be different from that of your school days: We recommend that you take time now — before starting your self-directed study — to familiarise yourself with these issues.

Module objectives The objectives of this module are to: It also includes the ability to perform language functions effectively. Essentially you will be taking control of your learning environment. This module on communicative grammar seeks to equip you with strategies and activities to develop communicative competence in your students, which can be defined as language use for meaningful communication marked by fluency, as well as grammatical appropriateness.

As language teachers, we must be proficient in oral and written communication, as very often we are the only role models for our students.

Is this module for you? You will need approximately 15 weeks to finish this module — eight weeks for formal study and seven weeks for self-directed study — to complete all the activities recommended.

Time frame How long?

Module 6: Communicative Grammar

If you want to look for more go to www. People with good communication skills have a better chance of success in both the workplace and life in general.Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Rubric Videos; NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric Videos; Video Professional Development Series Professional Development.

Grade 6 Mathematics Module 6, Topic B, Lesson 7. Student Outcomes. Students characterize the center of a distribution by its mean in the sense of a balance point.


Receptive Skills 1: Reading & Listening (Module 120)

m. Teacher Education Council, Department of Education. Welcome to Module 6 — Communicative Grammar. The ability to communicate effectively in any situation involves the skills of listening and responding appropriately to messages.

It also includes the ability to perform language functions effectively. The goal of the module is to develop your teaching-learning skills, not to test you. Here is a brief bio of our Teaching: Listening module writer Sam Gledhill: Sam has been teaching as an ALT in Japan's public school system since Since he has been working in a town taking part in a national study leading up to the planned formalization of English as a subject in Elementary schools.

assessments that focus on intended outcomes and your own teaching. II. Module Overview video listening in on conversations between groups, keeping track of students who raise Module 6: Assessing Teaching and Learning • • • 1 • •. Ppg module tsl topic 6 planning remedial & enrichmt activities 1.

TSL Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills in the Primary ESL classroom lgp/wsl/kj TOPIC 6 PLANNING REMEDIAL AND ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES SYNOPSIS This topic aims to enhance learner’s knowledge of remedial and enrichment activities for listening .

Teaching listening module 6
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