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Most backpackers do either a day trip, or canyoning tour finishing up in Kawasan Falls.

Backpacking Philippines Travel Guide (Updated for 2018)

Venture into the countryside of chocolate hills… sadly not edible! Chances are you came here to see the incredible Kawasan Falls. Make sure you get to Ariels point!

Siquijor has amazing snorkeling and diving too. Sagada 10 Days in The Philippines: If you can afford the expensive boat ride, diver fanatics should make their way to Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, known for its reef and pelagic marine life.

Sagada has everything, from relaxed day hikes into the hills, advanced treks into the mountains, and for the adventurous, caving. This is one of the most famous beaches in the Philippines due to its incredible sand.

Next head to El Nido, known for its island hopping. Stunning views, great weather and deserted trails were the only reasons I needed to venture out to the wilderness. I spent a few days here visiting the underground river. You can easily kill a day here without getting bored, and I highly recommend checking this out.

You can also check out other islands off the beaten path, like Culion Island and Busuanga Island. Sagada and the Main Island While most people head south for Palawan, consider this adventurous day itinerary instead or add it on to the next itinerary.

The cliffs overhanging the ocean offer so incredible views from the top which even the beginner climbers can enjoy. Check out my Sagada guide for more things to do here….

Want creepy and cool? Want more history about The Philippines and the people? Explore the fort inside and even head down to the creepy cell blocks or relax in the museum.

The Philippines 4 Week Itinerary 3: Filipino locals are well known for their hospitality and warmth towards travellers. While backpacking in Palawan I used it as a base to get to the national park and islands nearby. Just beware of the sea urchins, especially during low tide, if you get one in your foot they hurt for days!

Manila; concrete jungle meets forest?

The cheapest way to get to Cebu from Donsol is by local ferry from the Pilar Port. The Philippines is a super popular destination for newlyweds so if you and your beloved are heading here to celebrate your recent nuptials, be sure to check out Honeymoon backpackers ultimate guide to enjoying your honeymoon in The Philippines.

I highly recommend Couchsurfing to anyone backpacking the Philippines!Backpacking the Philippines is easy with this backpacking travel guide! Complete with itineraries and off the beaten path adventures, costs.

50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years of being in business. The majority of times these businesses often fail because of bad planning and.

Tapsilog business plan philippines jobs
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