Seven wonders of the ancient world speech

It is made of plated Bronze and Ivory Romer, John p It is believed that this garden was built in the middle of a Mesopotamian desert. Ptolemy, Antigous and Seleucus managed to divide the kingdom among them.

Great Pyramid of Giza Egyptian. The building burned on July 21, B. The lighthouse was gradually destroyed during a series of earthquakes from to Tomb of the Anatolian king of that name, built by his widow Artemisiaat Halicarnassus present BodrumTurkey. The mausoleum was largely destroyed in an earthquake in the 13th century and its remains were later used in the fortification of a castle.

Archeologists disagree as to whether the building had an open-air ceiling or was topped with wood tiles. The great pyramids of Egypt These are the buildings most associated with Egypt. This explains why it only lists monuments of the Mediterranean world.

Designed by the Greek architect Sostratos and completed around B. First known crime committed for fame. The mausoleum at Halicarnassus This is a special tomb built by queen Artemisia as attribute to her husband king Mausolus.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The temple was the pride of Ephesus until one man named Herostratus burnt the temple to the ground. The new building was surrounded by marble steps that led to a more than foot-long terrace.

They also serve as tourist destination. This temple offered a place for worship of this goddess by the Greek. Statue of Zeus at Olympia Greek. Conclusion The great pyramids are used for research; this research is carried out to know the history of the ancient Egypt. Built to commemorate the raising of the siege of Rhodes —5 BC.

Sevens Wonders of the Ancient World

It was in Mesopotamia. It stood over 30 meters high making it one of the tallest statues of the ancient world. The statue depicted the god of thunder seated bare-chested at a wooden throne.

At that time, the statue was moved to a temple in Constantinoplewhere it is believed to have been destroyed in a fire in the year The city was the target of a Macedonian siege early in the fourth century B.

When questioned, he is said to have replied: A single column is built to remind tourists its existence as an ancient wonder. It was never rebuilt. Although Demetrius had a large army, he was defeated by the Rhodians who were smart Clayton, Peter A. A gigantic statue made of marble and ivorywith applied gold leaf.

It was burnt down by Herostratus in BC. The most fabulous of these structures were two marble temples built around B.Massive tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, the pyramids are the only ancient wonders still standing today. Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq Built: Date unknown Legend has it that this garden paradise was planted on an artificial mountain, but.

Title: Wonders Of The World: Ancient and Modern Specific Purpose: To deliver some information about the seven wonders in ancient and modern world. Central Idea: To inform the audience about the ancient and modern seven wonders in the world and about its history, specialty and the relation of modern wonders with the engineering field.

The seven wonders that are most widely agreed upon as being in the original list are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which was compiled by ancient Greek historians and is thus confined to the most magnificent structures known to the ancient Greek world.

Of all the Ancient Wonders, the pyramids alone survive. Sample Essay: 7 Wonders of the Ancient World Introduction The seven wonders of the ancient world is a list of very important buildings a great Greek historian called Herodotus wrote, over two thousand years ago.

Seven Wonders of the World Worksheets This bundle contains 11 ready-to-use Seven Wonders of the World Worksheets that are perfect for students who want to learn more the Seven wonders of the world which can be categorised by New, Modern, Natural and Ancient Wonders of the World.

The Seven Wonders of the World are still thoroughly deliberated upon. The very first of the Seven Wonders of the World to be completed was the Great Pyramid, in Giza, Egypt. Credited with establishing the Great Pyramid of Giza is a labor force of nearly one hundred thousand slaves.3/5(3).

Seven wonders of the ancient world speech
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