Review of related literature about kaymito leaves

It is like designing an experiment. In a recent study with guinea pigs in Brazilian researchers reported that guava leaf extracts have numerous effects on the cardiovascular system which might be beneficial in treating irregular heat beat arrhythmia. Newer in the market are guava leaf extracts that are used in various herbal formulas for a myriad of purposes; from herbal antibiotic and diarrhea formulas to bowel health and weight loss formulas.

What is an Investigatory Subject? For older children and adults, a cup once or twice daily of a leaf decoction is the tropical herbal medicine standard. Previous research indicated guava leaf provided antioxidant effects beneficial to the heart, heart protective properties, and improved myocardial function.

In Peruvian herbal medicine systems today the plant is employed for diarrhea, gastroenteritis, intestinal worms, gastric disorders, vomiting, coughs, vaginal discharges, menstrual pain and hemorrhages, and edema. A plant drug has even been developed from guava leaves standardized to its quercetin content for the treatment of acute diarrhea.

This morphine-like effect was thought to be related to the chemical quercetin. Though not widely available in the U. It has a cardiac depressant effect and is contraindicated in some heart conditions. In a clinical study with 62 infants with infantile rotaviral enteritis, the recovery rate was 3 days In other animal studies guava leaf extracts have evidenced analgesic, sedative, and central nervous system CNS depressant activity, as well as a cough suppressant actions.

It was concluded in the study that guava has "good curative effect on infantile rotaviral enteritis.

In the richness of the Amazon, guava fruits often grow well beyond the size of tennis balls on well-branched trees or shrubs reaching up to 20 m high.

Quercetin is thought to contribute to the anti-diarrhea effect of guava; it is able to relax intestinal smooth muscle and inhibit bowel contractions. Guava has spread widely throughout the tropics because it thrives in a variety of soils, propagates easily, and bears fruit relatively quickly.

Just enrich your proposal s rationale. Books that are related to your topic of choice will be good too. It provides shade while the guava fruits are eaten fresh and made into drinks, ice cream, and preserves.

The Significance of the Study indicates how important is your investigatory project for the peopleThe Related Studies are those researches which may be local and foreign studies who can attribute to Writing a literature review 1.

They related the minimum wage, measured as the minimum wage divided by the average manufacturing wage, to the percentages of union workers, women, and 15 to year-olds in the labor Investigatory Project by Yannah Delos Reyes on PreziAn Investigatory Project in Science II 1.

It is a wonderful natural remedy for diarrhea - safe enough even for young children. Commercially the fruit is consumed fresh or used in the making of jams, jellies, paste or hardened jam, and juice.

For infants and children under the age of 2, just a cup daily of guava fruit juice is helpful for diarrhea.

The flavonoids have demonstrated antibacterial activity. Tender leaves are chewed for bleeding gums and bad breath, and it is said to prevent hangovers if chewed before drinking.Free Essay: Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Introduction This chapter indicates the ideas, also the history, relevant to the experiment to.

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Jan 13,  · Investigatory Project Review Related Literature Format. Investigatory Project Format Forum2. 2 Review of Related Literature. Chapter III – Methodology.

3. Investigatory Project Kaymito Leaves Decoction As Antiseptic Mouthwash INVESTIGATORY PROJECT KAYMITOPremium How To Make Investigatory Project. Chapter II: Review Related Literature: Database File for: GUAVA (Psidium guajava) Main database Common name Botanical name Ethnic uses Conditions Actions PLANTIMAGES Photos WEBRESOURCESGUAVA Product Search Decoction of Guava Leaves: First Step: you should prepare an g of guava leaves.

Second, put it in a basin for. KAYMITO LEAVES AS ANTIBACTERIAL MOUTHWASH. Review of Literature Kaymito (chrisophyllum cainito) is a common angiosperm in tropical countries. its fleshy fruits are among the favorites. To treat swollen OF RELATED LITERATURE A. This fruitbearing tree has leathery oblong leaves that are dark green and glossy on the.

A. Review of Literature Kaymito (chrisophyllum cainito) is a common angiosperm in tropical countries. This fruit-bearing tree has leathery oblong leaves that are dark green and glossy on the upper surface and golden brown on the underside, its fleshy fruits are among the favorites.

The extract displayed sustained dose-related activity with the involvement of calcium. of leaves of Acacia nilotica L using agar well diffusion method against one gram-positive Literature Review 34 Vernonia amygdalina and Zanha africana are the most frequently.

Review of related literature about kaymito leaves
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