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Given how many manufacturers provide the same one- or two-month trials that can be found for free online, a trial this lengthy is a welcome addition. It is a sturdy canvas zip up bag with a handle which is much more substantial than the thin bag that comes with the Gitzo.

There is a spirit level on top of the quick release clamp but it will be covered with the lens foot or the plate, so it can only show you that the tripod and head are level prior to attaching the camera.

It would be better if the center column could be removable similar to the Gitzo systematic tripods which allows you to use or not use a center column as you prefer for any given situation. A second sprit level is on the end of the quick release plate knob for use when the Review 2320 is in a vertical orientation.

In our CineBench Review 2320 The Inspiron also performed well in multimedia tests. Includes spacious hard drive, 15 free months of McAfee Security Center. Features The Dell Inspiron One is decked out with all the features you could want in a desktop, plus a collection of entertainment inputs that will keep this all-in-one useful even when the components have been surpassed by newer models.

Speaking of cold weather when using it in cold weather, I found that when extending or collapsing the sections, they would bind and not move as smoothly Review 2320 they did when warm. The only all-in-one better at gaming was the Apple iMac 70fps in Crysis, 32fps in Lost Planet 2but it offers a smaller screen and no touch capabilities.

Another thing that I found useful was the presence of 3 bubble levels. Once you do get the legs spread, though, they are very sturdy.

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Internally, the Inspiron One has a built-in TV tuner, as well as When I first unpacked this tripod, the first thing I noticed was a strong odor.

The BB-2 ball head comes packed in a separate but matching box. When opened so that the tripod is its tallest, the legs do not spread enough to give me a feeling of stability. This head feels very well made and seems to be very sturdy. It comes with a shoulder strap, has an inside storage pocket, heavy duty zippers and has a sleek look to it.

This ball head comes with an Arca-style quick release plate. My gear always feels stable and secure on the Gitzo, but with a mm lens or larger mounted on the Oben the gear felt like it could tip over too easily for my comfort. It just seems to have one tension setting, despite the presence of a tension control knob.

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Oben has made a very nice ball head especially at this price, I do wish the level was visible while the camera is mounted, but that can be overcome with an inexpensive hot-shoe bubble level.

Performance Dell has equipped the Inspiron One with a 2. The lock that is used to fix the position of the center column is strong enough that it can be used at any angle up to degrees from vertical, not just degrees to the ground.

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Once I got past the Review 2320, I realized that the bag is very nice. The Inspiron One also uses a large power brick, which distinguishes it from other all-in-ones that require only a power cord.

Whether you dabble in digital photography or think yourself the indie director of tomorrow, the Inspiron One will be a powerful and useful multimedia tool. You can see this in the photo below where the Oben tripod fits well inside the Gitzo tripod.

Dell has preinstalled on it the Windows 7 Touch Pack and Microsoft Office Starterwhich offers basic word processing and spreadsheet functions, but no PowerPoint or Outlook.

If you still need more height, the center column extends, adding an additional 13 inches of height to the tripod. Unfortunately, the lock that allows the center column to rotate never completely tightens, so I found my camera rotating slightly during normal use because of the tripod, not the ball head.

And an impressive number of media-centric options, like a TV tuner, inputs for HDMI, VGA, and composite video, and a good-old-fashioned remote control, will make this system a part of your entertainment setup for years to come.

When you do decide to rotate your camera, the motion is very smooth and fluid.The Dell Inspiron One all-in-one PC earns a spot in your living room by pairing an Intel Core i5 processor and discrete Nvidia graphics with a full complement of entertainment options.

Buy Intel Core i Sandy Bridge Quad-Core GHz (GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 95W BXI Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!5/5(21). The Inspiron One all-in-one PC with a 23" full HD display and stage multimedia software will keep family members engaged and entertained.

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Families looking for a central entertainment hub made for streaming movies and shows, video chatting and productivity. View Details. New Inspiron 24 All-in-One Overall Rating.0 stars out of 5.

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