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Both designs incorporate the heraldic emblems of Leon and Castile, the lion and castle, but differ in their arrangement.

Spain There are two versions of the Spanish flag which are frequently seen in a display of the Six Flags.

Six Flags The state anthem is "Texas, Our Texas," but people outside the state could be forgiven for wondering whose Texas it really was. Confederate States of America United States of America ; Over the years, there has been debate concerning the specific flags to be used as the official Six Flags of Texas.

Bob Bullock was considered "meaner than a skillet full of rattlesnakes. Texans sometimes modified this flag design by arranging six stars in a circle, with a seventh star in the middle of the circle. According to the Handbook of Texas Online article on Flags of Texas, inthe United Confederate Veterans designated the battle flag of the army of Northern Virginia the flag for use by veterans organizations.

Colorful Characters Texas government has had a colorful cast of characters since its creation. The first national flag, the Stars and Barsis the flag most commonly used in the Six Flags of Texas today.

However, the strong resemblance between the Stars and Bars and the United States flag created confusion on the battlefield, so a variety of battle flags were substituted.

A rectangular version of this flag was used as the naval jack. This red and yellow striped flag depicts a lion of Leon and a castle of Castile on a shield surmounted by a crown. Add in its diverse population and border with Mexico, the longest of any state in the nation, and you have the makings for a potentially rich research paper on the influence of foreign governments on Texas.

Biennial Budget Texas, along with Nevada, Montana and North Dakota, are the only states whose legislatures meet biennially, or every other year. The biennial schedule, along with one of the lowest rates of per-capita spending in the nation, can pose severe problems during economic downturns.

Some patterns which have been used in Texas include a white banner with three gold fleur-de-lis, a blue banner with three gold or white fleur-de-lis and a white banner liberally sprinkled with gold fleur-de-lis.

Texas has a colorful history. Louis had been abandoned. The venture was unsuccessful, and by Fort St. The lower left and the upper right carry the rampant Lion, without the crown usually seen, in a smaller center field of white. The most famous of these battle flags is the one originally used by the Army of Northern Virginia.

Throw in a fierce, if somewhat quirky sense of independence, and Texas government offers a lot of potentially interesting topics for research papers. Adopted in by the Texas Historical Commission, the approved standard designs for the Six Flags of Texas were published in the June 20, issue of the Texas Register.

Topics for Texas Government Research Paper

It was adopted by the provisional government, and first raised in Montgomery, Alabama on March 4, However, the Spanish flag in use after is now more commonly seen. It was a square with a red ground, marked with a blue saltire bordered with white and with a white five-pointed star for each of the Confederate states.

The battle flag design was incorporated into both the second and third national flags of the Confederacy. Part of the state legislature fled to Oklahoma in in an attempt to block a redrawing of congressional district lines.

Although Confederate troops used a number of other battle flags, this flag was one of most popular and widely used.

Six Flags of Texas

Neither later flag is commonly used in Six Flags displays. At various points, it was part of six different countries. For Exposition purposes, the flag will not carry out this part of the description.

The Confederate States of America Between andthe Confederate States of America had three national flags, as well as naval ensigns and battle flags. However, in the Texas Centennial Exposition opted to use the Star and Bars and the use of the battle flag as one of the Six Flags has declined.

For the Centennial Exposition, the white flag sprinkled with gold fleur-de-lis was adopted as the most likely design, and this pattern is most commonly seen today. It was originally intended that stars would be added as states joined the Confederacy, but the version with just seven stars remained common in Texas, which was the seventh state to join the Confederacy.

Inthe Texas Centennial Exposition chose to use a flag based on the banner which was carried by Cortez during the conquest of Mexico.Open Document.

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no purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this. Six Flags. The state anthem is "Texas, Our Texas," but people outside the state could be forgiven for wondering whose Texas it really was. The state was part of Spain, France and Mexico before becoming the standalone Republic of Texas; it was later part of the Confederate States of America and, of course, the United States of America.

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Research paper on six flags
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