Professional identity nursing essay

RN-BSN students have already developed a Professional identity nursing essay of professionalism before the baccalaureate program due to working and going to school simultaneously.

A literature search and review was conducted to find out what information existed on professionalism and nursing Online databases where queried in order to obtain peer reviewed articles that were relevant to my research.

Professionalism is described as how nurses perceive their work and professionalism serves as guide to a nurses practice to maintain patient safety and to provide the best care Hwang et.

Peer Interview assignment with those provided by the leader. Planning for the future allows the nurse the chance to grow in the profession and aid professional growth.

I have done minimal amounts of continuing education, just enough to maintain my license. Human beings need the nursing care that I provide to restore and maintain their health and maximum functionality.

I often reply that a nurse is an order processor. My self assessment reveals that as a new nurse I am weak in professionalism and need to work on many areas in order to build my professional status.

I need to strengthen these areas in order to fully become a member of the nursing community. Another characteristic pertaining to the nursing profession is participation in professional organizations.

Nursing is an ever changing profession that requires nurses to keep up with the latest information.

As for me, my future plan for my nursing career is to someday become a nurse practitioner. Baccalaureate students have not yet developed this sense of professionalism due to the limited clinical practice. I need to become more involved. In conclusion I see myself as a part of the profession and now have a better understanding of what nursing means.

Mainly an associate degree in nursing or diploma education are required. This article considers components of professionalism to be treating patients with kindness, dignity and respect When I hear the word nurse, I automatically think of helping people. Several patients have asked exactly what is a nurse.

I am a self starter. When I read the results I realized what the questions were doing. I have a strong educational background.

The exercise assessed my view of the recipient of care, the environment, personal definition of health, personal definition of nursing, and assumptions concerning professional nursing.

Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

Autonomy and self regulation are considered to be the sixth characteristics. Registered Nurses are required to obtain a license to practice. The purpose of this paper, is through self examination and literature analysis, is to understand myself as a part of the nursing profession and to help provide a clear idea of what nursing means.

Kearney-Nunnery noted that most professional nurse respondents did not have a copy of the ethical code, and many were unfamiliar with the document pp.

Nine categories are considered as the characteristics of professional nursing. This category stresses the importance of communicating new ideas within the profession pp.

Professional Identity of Nursing - Essay Example

I am not sure what field that I would like to specialize in yet. Future plans for me include finishing my bachelors degree, becoming a nurse practitioner, and obtaining membership in professional nursing organization.

I learned what my strengths and weaknesses were in regards to professionalism and began to craft my personal philosophy of nursing. I plan to join the American Nurses Association as a way to become involved in organizations. I gained a better idea of how to enhance professionalism in my practice.

A class assignment required me to complete a self assessment of my professionalism in nursing. Interview a person in a formal position of leadership within your organization e. Considering the variety that the nursing profession consists of, it is an accurate assessment that nursing is a mosaic of uniqueness and individuality.My Professional Nursing Identity As a registered nurse, I am in a profession that has marked confusion as to what it really means to be a nurse.

The general public and even nurses themselves truly do not understand what their job is.

Professional Nursing Reflection M. Ott University of Wyoming Introduction to Higher Education in Nursing NURS April 14, Professional Nursing Reflection Nursing is a practice that has been described as a science an art.

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Interview a person in a formal position of leadership within your organization (e.g., a supervisor, a manager, a director).

The shaping of Professional Identity in Nursing: An ethnographic Case Study Georgina Willetts a, Professor David Clarke b a School of Nursing and MidwiferyMonash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Melbourne Australia.

The main objective of the paper is to identify how nursing as a profession challenges the professional identity of an individual.

The study will alsoaim. This eventually brings to confusion and conflicting opinions as the professional identity of nursing become unclear and the blurring of boundaries are existing inadvertently. Barber () commended that the traditional professional identity of nursing might be lost in the context of the expanded role by the nurse.

Professional identity nursing essay
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