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What could possibly go wrong… mistakes, misrepresentations, pressure 11 Legl — Business Law 2. A promise supported by a pre-existing obligation is not enforceable 4.

The answer is to carefully select and train security people to deal with these matters and have the other employees only inform the security people of what they observe. Legal responsibility resuming no other problems 2. Non-reasonable — responsible for non-action?

A charge of false imprisonment is a significant risk for any business involved in serving the public. More in Ontario can also be criminal behaviour generally — injury results physical, physiological, vehicle, property, reputation, economic 4 Legl — Business Law a. Types… Problei areas 1.

Even a person who submits to authority or threat can be considered imprisoned, since in his mind he has been restrained. Serve defendant — statement of claim d.

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Did the defendant fail to act as a reasonable person in the circuistances? The second requirement is that the restraint be unlawful. Is escaping from and freshly pursued by persons who have lawful authority to arrest that person 2 Any one who is a the owner or a person in lawful possession of property, or b A person authorized by the owner or by a person in lawful possession of poetry, may arrest without warrant a person whom he finds committing a criminal offence on or in relation to the property 3 Any one other than a peace officer who arrests a person without warrant shall forthwith deliver the person to a peace officer.

Sometimes, process gets repeated 3. A fire truck hits the pedestrian. Ending the contractual relationship… how? Vote to decide the idea 5. Supreme court of Canada a. Of course, this may encourage more shoplifting. Fair comment … public 4. Revocation taking back a. Offer — all important terms or promises i.

Lapses expires — reasonable tiie based on the context 5. Did the careless act s cause the hari suffered?

Open court file b. This risk is great when, either because of store policy or inexperience on the part of staff, customers are detained when suspected of wrongdoing. Selling a house, legal married couple, there are certain rights to go along with that even if not listed as a owner, but other person still have some right.

Other issues… how much?

LEGL 210 Chapter 9-12: LEGL Notes

After that, it will process through 3 readings 4. Has committed a criminal offence, and b. When a security guard arrests someone found shoplifting, there has been no false imprisonment. Will often disputes in: Statement of defense e. Any method that gives the other party actual knowledge a.

Idea gets interpreted 2.

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Breach standard of care: Until acceptance — contract a. Foreseeable hari after this thase, the defendant gets their turn Defendant: Reasonably foreseen iight be hariedB generally can be in the saie geographic area 1.

May or may not be effective 8. Plaintiff files statement of claim c.legl business law chapter the legal profession who are the lawyers?

only members of legal law are able to practice law the lawyers will have law degree. Study LEGL FINAL flashcards from Katherine G. on StudyBlue. Download this LEGL study guide to get exam ready in less time!

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Business Law I (Legl 210)

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Chapter 8: Factors Affecting the Contractual Relationship A Duty to Disclose? - - - During negotiation of a contract, do.

Legl 210 notes
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