How to write a book like hunger games

I still have no idea why, as this is not a non-story. While Katniss hides sentiment, Peeta wears his heart on his sleeve, confessing his love for Katniss on national television. The responsibility of providing for their families means Katniss and Gale cannot live the way they want.

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They must be doing something right There are, I think, two reasons: It is a useful type of character in a series, because it leaves the character at the end of the first book with their initial approach intact, so they can wrestle with a similar inner conflict in the second book.

You want a model that triggers new ideas and offers you enough insight to give you the feeling of empowerment, but not so much complexity that you find yourself paralyzed or worried about "getting everything right.

How to write suspense like The Hunger Games

What do you think? Each line represents an act or a journey between two drivers. Some days all I do is stare at the wall. How does she connect with the most amount of people via her writing?

How to write a dystopian YA novel in 10 easy steps

How does Collins accomplish this? Other people have pointed out that The Hunger Games seems inspired by a variety of sources, including the gladiator games of ancient Rome, novels such as Battle Royale and Lord of the Flies, and reality TV shows especially Survivor.

One of my favourite series of book ever! Each victory must be tempered with the death of a vaguely important but ultimately useless supporting character. A good book to sit down with on a horrible rain day!

This will give it Grave Import. Hamish, who won the Games, suffers from post-traumatic stress that he manages through alcoholism.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - review

Trying to write while listening to words is really a matter of rapid task-switching. Also, they can be illustrated multiple times or in multiple ways. Crossing the Threshold Katniss enters the wider world in the Opening Ceremony.

Giggle like a crazy idiot as you think of cheesy crap. Retrieved on September 23,from https: Each act begins and ends with a major turning point or Driver represented as a star on the diagram. Return Katniss travels by train back to District He survives, but unfortunately does not get the girl yet.

Share in the comments. Innermost Desires The threat of the Games makes Katniss decide that she never wants children.

However, a mistake many writers make is thinking that suspense can be built only with big issues like survival, worlds ending or wars.Hunger Games Book Report “The Hunger Games” is a the first book in a fantastic series of three books written by Suzanne Collins.

It takes you into the life of a scared but quick-thinking, brave girl named Katniss Everdeen who learns how to survive on her own from a very young age when her father died in a mining.

I highly suggest reading it, and hope Suzanne Collins goes on to write more teen fiction as The Hunger Games was so good!

Suzanne Collins on The Hunger Games and Being a Writer

I would read anything by her without batting an eyelid! I would read. Here are our top 10 books for people who love The Hunger Games and want to read more. Top 10 books to read now you've finished The Hunger Games (tick!), clever use of writing style (tick.

A Complete Idiot's Guide To Writing A Hunger Games Fanfiction. Disclaimer: The original concept of the Hunger Games belong to Suzanne Collins. The inspiration for this fic belongs to many fanfiction writers who have repeated the same clichés over and over, so I cannot take credit for that either.

Books to Read if You Like The Hunger Games. If you like Margaret Atwood and Gillian Flynn just as much as The Hunger Games, this is the book for you.

7. The Young World by Chris Weitz.

Suzanne Collins Writing Styles in The Hunger Games

Want to write for NewInBooks? Apply Here Looking for tips? Learn How to Market Your Book on Amazon. If you have read the Hunger Games then list a book that people will like that is somewhat like the Hunger Games.

How to write a book like hunger games
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