How can india become a developed

Death sentence for rapists India is now in the trend of rape. But for millions of Indians it is still a dreameither they have a house made of iron sheets, wooden structures and mudorthey have nothing but sky as their roof.

It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves and their own civic sense. Do good and be good. This is unavertable as any efforts to bring in capitalist reforms aiding industrial growth would allocate greater wealth in the hands of people of influence and abundant resources and further alienate people who do not have access to it or who are not a stakeholder of the pursued change.

Every day in the paper we read at least an average of 2 incidents of rape. There should be no threat to her from the society Domestic credit growth has averaged 9. This is owing to the inhibiting factors in an unsupportive global environment and stagnant investment in some sections of the private sector.

Or has it as the populist numbers suggest? But here in India its a way of life, people discriminate fellow country men every day in whatever way they can. In democracypeople intentionally give the entire power in hands of politicians to allow them to make good policies and laws which can help their country grow.

Let me give you a few examples: Despite occupying just 2. UnfortunatelyIndia has a huge education system having huge problems like poor teacher to students ratioun-updated syllabusconventional teaching methodologylack of job oriented programsdifference between standard of government and private school etc.

We do not need a Rajya Sabha full of the supporters of previous government to stop leaders sent by people from working smoothly.

When will India become a developed country ? and, How ?

There will be no citizen in the country below poverty line. Work for your own country Every year we have multiple engineers and doctors coming out of India. People with Civic sense This is one of the difficult task to look for. So thatwe can get maximum benefit from free trade and globalized economyand can also make strong allies to support us in tough times.The question that I am about to address is indeed riveting and to a large extent subjective which is what makes it an area of perpetual debate.

There lies. India will become a developed nation by as estimated but according to me it might take a bit longer. But India has the potential to become a has a large population and we have fast growing Bangalore IT is second to USA.

When India overtook China as the fastest growing major economy in the world earlier this year, the significance of the development did not go unnoticed.

With. Rating agencies such as Crisil have predicted a further growth in India's GDP to % in The prediction is backed by good rainfall during the monsoon and an upward yield in agricultural.

India is developing at a good pace and we can become a developed nation if we follow these simple steps.

25 Things Which Will Make India A Developed Country

1) Contain divisive forces and actions We seem to divide ourselves in the name of caste, region, religion, group, sub-group, vote banks, constituencies though we unite in times of crisis. India can become developed if: 1. Governance is improved 2. Government is made accountable and transparent 3. Setup an anti-corruption bureau 4.

Achieve % education 5. Invest in infrastructure, mainly roads, ports and power 6. Invest in R&D especially in alternate and renewable energy sources 7. Reduce import of crude oil .

How can india become a developed
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