Heat transfer lab manual

You will be prompted for a COM Port number. Make sure the metal portions of the thermocouple that enter the green screw jack do not touch!

If you decide to modify your design during the construction of your insulating container, note the changes and describe the reasons for them.

If a file with the same name exists, the program will write the data in the same file. Digital Thermometer Usage Make sure that the unit selected is Farenheit. Enter the number noted in step 5. Now double click the DAQ. Describe the three different types of devices used to measure the temperature in this lab.

You may need to divide the Arduino data by 60 to convert to minutes. The team with the lowest MDR wins. Your TA will already have calibrated the VI. The thermal conductivity for a given material depends on its state and it varies with direction, structure, humidity, pressure and temperature change.

Attach the other end of the thermocouple, thermistor and thermometer to the egg using the tape you prepared. Thermal conductivity is an important thermo - physical property of conducting materials, by virtue of which the material conducts the heat energy through it.

When you are finished, your graphs should look similar to Figure 3. To determine the thermal conductivity of a solid by the guarded hot plate method.

Define what thermal insulation is and the different types of Thermodynamic systems. Selecting the correct port in Arudino. See the Team Authoring Strategies page in the Technical Communication of this online manual for guidance of how to do this.

Stop both programs after 30 seconds. Make sure you make preliminary sketches during this process. To find overall heat transfer coefficient and effectiveness of a heat exchange under parallel and counter flow conditions.

Voltmeter, Ammeter, Stop watch, Copper — constantan thermocouple, Power supply, Heating element, Digital temperature indicator and Voltage regulator. Build your insulating container based on the sketch you just completed. Also compare the results with those of the correlations.

This will bring up the Format Trendline window. Insert the orange wire of the thermocouple to the screw terminal 2 jack and the yellow wire to the screw terminal 1 jack. Explain equilibrium, heat, heat transfer and all the mechanisms that perform heat transfer. Return all unused materials to your TA.

Then close the Arduino IDE.

Under the Chart Layouts group, click on the chart template that has a trend line.LABORATORY MANNUAL HEAT TRANSFER LAB MEF BRCM College of Engineering & Technology Bahal. 1 Lab Manual Exp. Title THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF INSULATING POWDER EXP.

NO. 2 H. T. Lab Semester-6th Page No Aim: To determine the thermal conductivity of an insulating power. Heat Transfer A Laboratory Manual: for Chemical Engineering Graduates [Dr N S Srinivas] on mint-body.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This book contains experiments in Heat Transfer (under graduate Chemical Engineering) 1. HEAT TRANSFER LABORATORY MANUAL MGM’S JNEC, AURANGABAD, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPT. Page 1 Mission and vision of the Department Vision of Mechanical Department. The objectives of Heat & Mass Transfer laboratory is to demonstrate the concepts discussed in the Heat & Mass Transfer course.

to experimentally determine thermal conductivity and heat transfer. Chemical Engineering Department Institute of Technology, Nirma University Heat Transfer Operation- Lab Manual Apparatus description: The heater plate is surrounded by a guard heater for stabilising the temperature of the primary.

2. Determination of over all heat transfer coefficient of Composite Wall. 3. Determination of over all heat transfer coefficient of Lagged Pipe.

Heat transfer lab manual
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