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Gundlach was one of the only strategists to correctly forecast that Trump would win. And so it is my great pleasure to present you with my notes from the DoubleLine Lunch I attended this past Thursday, April 26th Austerity is guaranteed to lead to a weaker economy no matter where it takes place and the alternative, a continuation of debt-financed solutions — is even worse.

Read the original article on Advisor Perspectives. Half of British exports go to the Continent and the Continent is now in recession. ISM manufacturing was similar, and the unemployment rate adjusted for participation was also similar.

We are not only number one in military spending each year — but we are larger than countries 2 through 18 on the list — combined!

Benefits will be slashed. Follow Advisor Perspectives on Twitter. But the last two papal visits coincided with the top. The UK, also choking, has a lot of financial institution debt. Italy currently has three workers for every retiree and that ratio is rapidly heading toward 2 workers for every retiree.

It just makes me want to sell everything and run. The most devestating slide to me is the schedule of rollovers and interest payments due this year: And that is not going away. Barry Ritholtz arrives shortly after 11 and grabs a seat, then Jeffrey comes over to say hi.

The December Fed meeting is not about another rate hike, which is widely expected. But the core issue, he said, is that the large, developed economies will not grow fast enough to support high growth globally. DoubleLine Funds "Clearly, under a Trump administration, this blue area is going to be moving up," Gundlach said.

DoubleLine Funds One way to get economic growth is by spending more. Gundlach says there are two very important dates to be aware of this summer, on June 18th there is a big Euro ministers summit and June 20th is when the Fed next meets just as Operation Twist is expiring.

My commentary above is meant for informational purposes and is not an endorsement of any particular product or strategy. DoubleLine Funds But watch out for a broad sell-off near inauguration day.

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He also sees Emerging Markets as an excellent tell. DoubleLine Funds One reason for the discontent is that the unemployment rate has not improved as much as the US. Why Trump won, in one slide. Moving over to Europe You could hear a salad fork drop when he says this. Before investing in anything, people should do their own homework and decide whether it makes sense for them based on their own personal financial situation.

When their neighbor just to the east Greece just returned 50 cents on the dollar? Spain probably ends up defaulting, they have a lot of non-financial corporate debt. But he does not believe the Fed will follow through on comments from some of its members that it will raise rates eight more times over the next two years.

You try to protect your capital and then play another day. He also notes that the labor participation rate will continue to force the Fed to keep rates down for longer than anyone thought possible.

But they drop after the president is sworn in, as investors realize that he does not have a magic wand to implement everything they are hopeful for.BUSINESS INSIDER; CANCEL Here's a super-quick guide to what traders are talking about right now.

Seth Archer. Jeffrey Gundlach gave a presentation Tuesday calling for the end of the bull.

GUNDLACH: 'Now is not the time to be a hero'

Feb 15,  · Sell Bank of America. Sell it today. And sell it at the market open. This was the message from Jeff Gundlach last night when he gave his presentation titled "The Decline and Fall of.

Business News Jeffrey Gundlach. DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach speaks to CNBC's Scott Wapner on the sidelines of the Sohn Conference about his best new investment ideas, his outlook.

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(Jeff Gundlach and Bill mint-body.coms; Bob Bryan/Business Insider) Jeff Gundlach on Tuesday made it clear that, once again, he does not agree with Bill Gross' view of the bond market.

During a webcast presenting his outlook, Gundlach, the founder of DoubleLine Capital, said certain "second-tier. “This is a market where you don’t make a lot of money," DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach said.

"You try to protect your capital and then play another day.” Business Insider Logo. Jeff Gundlach Ira Sohn Presentation – Business Insider. Jeff Gundlach Ira Sohn Presentation – Business Insider.

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Gundlach presentation business insider news
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