Globalization affects organization behaviour

This is, as Rose states, the basic alienation that lies at the heart of work: The speed in which globalization has grown in recent years has been brought on by the advancement in technology, especially in communications and logistics.

It has overcome a headquarter-centric mindset where it avoids approaching the development of a global culture as a single process designed by corporate headquarters, whilst being careful that the core values do not fail to reflect diverse and cultural values. It is essentially how one culture affects or impacts another on multiple levels, for example on an individual level; in the United States a person my drive a Swedish car home to watch a French movie on a Japanese television whilst eating Mexican food.

It is when corporate culture is not shared by subsidiaries and the level of culture significantly differs between them. Cultural Diversity and Relations Another consequence of globalization is diversity, and with that comes the challenge of managing diversity.

The positive influences of cultural diversity not only enable the organization to increase the scope of its reach — the business also receives favorable exposure from every sector of the population due to its multicultural approach. Another key aspect, from the perspective of a business organization, is the harvesting of the knowledge of the people.

One of the largest factors is to be aware of how different cultures think and not to cause offence. Within a global organization it is vital that managers understand how the subordinates think and work.

The unhappiest workers are those working for the biggest brands.


The patterns of behavior in the organization are influenced by the nature of interactions and degree of diversity within the organization. There has also been an increase in new technologies and in knowledge and information processing, while scientists, technicians and professionals are growing in number and importance.

Thus meaning that the main challenge is to find the balance between the global trends and corporate culture, therefore it is possible to argue that globalization could threaten the whole nature of the organization; its values, customs and direction that helped build it in the first place.

Priorities have changed; the logic of the new priority is not to spend money on machines that will rust, factories that need constant upkeep, and employees that will age and die; resources should be used on sponsorships, packaging, expansion, and advertising as it is this that will help to build superbrands.

Sleep deprivation, malnutrition and homesickness combine to result in deep disorientation and alienation. Ultimately with globalization, the world learns more and more everyday, as we all bring something new to the table.

The distinctive characteristics of it are as follows: Temporary workers and outsourced divisions began in Microsoft, where there is a two-tier workforce: Works Cited Greene, R.

Impact of Globalization on Organizational Culture, Behaviour and Gender Role

This method helps companies control the operation but it can cause frustration and may lead to problems when overseas branches try to reflect the values set forth by headquarters.

Thus, as Klein states: Outsourcing abroad is popular due too significantly lower manual labor costs in countries such as China, Taiwan, Philippines and India. Today organizations become more global; workforce of an organization made up of people belongs to different nation and different culture.

Some of the important areas of concern are changing technology with a sharp increase in cross-border technology transfers, the mobility of organizations and people in the global world, the competition for markets and customers on a global scale, etc.

Two sides of the definition of globalization On one side, there is the mainstream approach. In fact global virtual teams are more effective when they impose formal temporal coordinating mechanism and develop norms for meaningful participation.

Disoriented culture is when there is a complete lack of strategic direction due to changes in the business environment, competition or restructuring.

But it raises some problem like exploitation of employees through poor working conditions. All of these changes are associated with the globalization of organizations, such as the appearance of global managers, diversity in the workplace, cultural differences and the restructuring of hierarchy.

McDonalds McJob for example has been described as a low skill, low pay job, stressful and very unstable. But, factories do not disappear to rematerialize, they become something completely different: Mass layoffs are necessary shifts in corporate strategy, the focus is on the needs of the brand over the workers.

Globalization and Organizational Behaviour

And, for the majority of young women working in these zones: Also companies from different parts of the world are working together to develop products. It also relates to our whole life.

This is an effect of globalization, but it also has an affect on a larger scale.

How Does Globalization Affect an Organization's Business Approach?

At the same time large pool of workforce are chasing down job opportunities across national borders.Impact of globalization on organizational behavior 1.

mint-body.comI U 2. Organizational behaviour is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behaviour within an organization for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organization's effectiveness.

It is an. The world economy is increasingly integrated, in which -- to cite a famous example -- a butterfly's wings in Brazil can affect a tornado in Kansas.

The term ' globalization ' is now commonly used and familiar to everybody. Now, globalization is not just a matter of trade and economic interdependence.

It also relates to our whole life. Globalization is a process.

Impact of Globalization on organizational behavior Essay Sample

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the impact of globalization on organizational behaviour. There are three parts of this essay.

Impact of Globalization on organizational behavior Essay Sample. Introduction to Globalization. Globalization has become an ever-present expression in the past few years; it is defined as the integration of culture, politics and. The importance of organizational behaviour (OB) has accentuated subse­quent to globalization and the consequent changes in business practices.

Since the term globalization has many ramifications, we need to first under­stand its different dimensions and then try to attempt a compact definition. Globalization Affects Organization Behaviour. term ' globalization ' is now commonly used and familiar to everybody. Now, globalization is not just a matter of trade and economic interdependence.

It also relates to our whole life. Globalization is a process.

Globalization affects organization behaviour
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