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For instance in the story Famous all over town, the setting is in a lower class Chicane town called the Barrio.

He announced they had sold the house and that they had to go to the bank and pick up the check. In this book you get to read about some of the Mexican beliefs, for example how a woman has to stay home and be in charge of cooking cleaning and taking care of the kids and the husband is the one to Famous all over town essays out and have a job to put food on the table.

What luck for him e went home wrapped himself in a blanket and laid on the couch and then his mother decided to have her baby.

He had a ruptured appendix. Introductions are a very important asset to any story, it sets up the rest of the story and it sets the mood and tone of the story so fifth intro is bad then we can expect the rest to be the same. He is a very young man who always tired to do his best and he was very respectful.

They sold their house so they could move away and live rent free. Barrio added a sense of strength to the story in my opinion, because you needed to be brave to stay, some grew the courage to get up and leave and others never let.


Famous all over town was a very inspiring and cultural book. Penrose was a doctor at the hospital that Rudy went to when he had a ruptured appendix. He was cruising down main street heading home a little drunk. One of the doctors noticed him and checked Rudy out, he took the blanket off and pulled up his shirt and pushed on his side and Rudy hollered.

She usually kept to herself because she never really cared about anyone else because they never cared about her. Rudy was very upset e decided to take it out on the ones who made this happen.

Famous all over town is great at keeping you interested in what is happening because everything going on affects Danny and his family in ways that are good and bad for the family.

There was a problem adding your email address. More a series of vignettes than a sustained coming-of-age novel--but bright, sassy recollections overall, full of unprettied-up local color a brawling wedding reception, a grimly riotous funeralironic social observations the strivings toward middle-class-domand substantial flashes of comic inspiration.

He felt a little loved for once. I would recommend this book to other people to read because it is filled with drama and action from gang violence to his own family fighting each other, jokes, sad moments, happy moments that help shape Chato into a person who loves his family despite all the bad things about them but most importantly he becomes a man and you can see it from the beginning of the book till the end.

He tried to be the father they wanted t just never worked out, Rudy wanted someone to love and care for him like Or, Penrose. Then bad news hit after all that commotion, the hospital rang about the phone bill, they owed 78 dollars for pills and medication, Lena and Rudy offered to work to help pay it off but the father said no.

The town was full of gangs running a muck, and all most everyone owned a gun. In this book Danny starts to experience sexual awakening and for a very long time he is very over protective of his sister Lena because he feels that everybody interested in her has the same intentions Danny has for other girls.

The introduction Starts off With a apparent lava- abiding drunk man, cruising down the street. The father was a man who was a hard worker, and very respected for being such a hard worker. Lena may be crazy and blunt but she is the only one who took care Of Rudy when he got out Of the hospital and she is the one that takes IM in after he goes to cavy because his mom is out of the country and the dad moved in with his new girlfriend.

Bright but distinctly under-achieving at school, Rudy gets genuine encouragement from a Jewish counselor--but his one classroom display of smarts just gets him in trouble. Chato as he is known by his barrio is a part of a street gang called shamrock here he feels like everyone is his family because they treat him and care about him just as much or even more than his own mom and dad do."Famous All Over Town" is full of accurate images of often contrasting ways of life in a small town in the South Carolina low country; of life in a town often dominated by the presence of military installations; of life in a segregated southern town in 50s and 60s; or of life in any town where families, lifestyles, religions and cultures are at /5(55).

Famous All Over Town by Danny Santiago Essay - Every individual has times in their life where they feel isolated and alone. When this occurrs a person will search for ways to connect or feel important.

The person will do anything they can to be noticed and appreciated. Famous All over Town Essay FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN The story “ Famous All Over Town ”, written by Danny Santiago ( – ), is a story about Latin boy. FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN essaysImmigrant experience in the United States has not been very positive.

Assimilation was a major issue with the minorities when they moved to the US in search of better economic conditions.

The whites normally did not accept or.

Famous All over Town

Famous all over town is about a young high school boy named Rudy Medina. He grows up in a Latin, Chicano town called Barrio. He tells us his life and all the struggles he has to face everyday of his mint-body.com family he had was not the perfect family; the mother was having another child that she would then not take care of because she cared more about herself.

Famous All over Town has ratings and 16 reviews. David said: Regarded as A classic of the Chicano urban experience.

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Reads as if it were a movie scr /5.

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