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It aspires to set up a fundamental Islamic Palestinian state.

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President Ahmedinejad has expressed very harshly and openly the intentions of the Iranian government to eliminate Israel and to pursue radical Islamic hegemony. Hezbollah is mainly involved in the abducting the isreali army and medical officers for the forced release of their prisoners who are behind bars in Israel.

Its headquarter is situated in Syria. Hezbollah has also very wide social services network. Among the main donars of this organiztaion are the Iran, Syria and Lebanon which provide all the financial and operational support Novel Guide, View Full Essay Words: It is simply a window-dressing for militant propaganda.

Although the Arab politicians often cite Palestinian mistreatment as a key reason for resentment against Israel, the real motivation underlying Arab militancy is concealed. This provides the international community with a dramatic glimpse of Iranian goals.

The bombing at the Embassy of Israel in Buenos Aires in is also associtaed to this group. It come into being at the time of invasion of idreal in lebanies territories in PIJ has allegedly invovled to finish the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine.

The reality of the matter is that Palestinians in Israel are guaranteed the broadest freedoms, both religiously and politically, when compared to every other nation in the region.

This gang of terrorist is suspected to be involved in the suicide bombing attack on the American base in Lebanan. Today, the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction makes the region in a more significant condition for war.

The most effective appraoch is to pursue more aggressive action in preventing the Iranian state from acquiring WMDs, and in isolating Iran from its influential position as terrorist and militant financier and supporter.

It was established in Egypt in but it became more powerful after the Iranian revolution in and then it declared its name as Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ. This group is much smaller than that of Hamas and can play a significant political and strategic role Terrorism Project Syria is another major helper of it.

Not only nuclear, but chemical and biological agents, perhaps carried by Iranian Shahab missiles, pose a grave security threat to not only Israel, but also to the Lebanese government, and moderate rab states such as Turkey.

Hamas mainly guard the territories of Palestine from the invasion of Israel. Hezbollah, on the other hand, try to protect Lebanon from the potential Israeli attacks. For mobilizing and gaining the support of the general public and trainig the suicide bombers, it is also running a television station.

Instead, it must be made absolutely clear to the Iranian regime that its current course will result in consequences. While stability in Iraq and Lebanon is in question,…… [Read More] Also, although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is worthy of considerable attention, it is important to remember that most other Arab nations in the Middle East actively discriminate against Palestinians.Hezbollah, Arabic for “Party of God”, is also known as Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine, the Organization of the Oppressed on Earth and as the Revolutionary Justice Organization (Global Security, p.

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Free Essay: To most of the world, Hezbollah is known as a Lebanese Shiite militia that takes an anti-western stance, and despises Israel and the United. While delving into the application of 4GW as used by the Hezbollah, the four facets of 4GW ; military, political, social and economic shall be.

American Foreign Policy - Essay. multitude of other violent military confrontations, Hezbollah, whose name means “party of God,” is a terrorist group believed responsible for hundreds of attacks and deaths of hundreds of people” (CFR staff).

There may be many. Sample Essay Words 1, The liberal meaning of this word is the “Party of God” (transcript 12). The majority members of this organization are the Shiia Muslims and its head quarter is in Lebanon.

Essay on hezbollah
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