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Meanwhile producers who continue to clear forests would be charged for the associated emissions. However such approaches have been challenged by questions over intellectual property and compensation for native communities. The approach is not without precedent — several countries, including Indonesia, have deforestation charges.

The pioneer in this area was Costa Rica, which entered into an agreement with the American pharmaceutical company, Merck, to look for plants with potential pharmaceutical applications.

Improved access can be a doubled-edged sword if it means increased road-building, which often spurs further deforestation. Recycle and re-use whenever possible, and help keep the earth green and healthy.

Agriculture The background for agriculture in the tropical rainforest draws heavily from T. Establish programs that promote sustainable use—Programs that promote sustainable use are key to elevating the standard of living for people living around protected areas. Increase surveillance of and patrols in protected areas—This can be done at a reduced cost if local communities benefit from the success of the park.

In recent years the idea of compensating tropical countries for the carbon stored in their forests has gained traction.

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Community surveillance is the most effective way to patrol a protected area, though it will probably be necessary to have park staff conduct patrols as well. Micro-credit facilities can provide significant economic benefits to the local economy while bringing dignity to and promoting entrepreneurship among local people.

Some argue for something in between known as hybrid models.

The Disappearing Rainforests Essay

In fact, Brazil has started valuing parts of the Amazon based on the rainfall it generates for agricultural region and the contribution to hydroelectric dams. Forces behind rainforest loss Rainforests are being cut mostly for economic reasons, though there are political and social motivations as well.

While direct cash payouts is an option, a better strategy may be to provide these displaced people with long-term income possibilities through training in improved agricultural techniques or alternative crops.

Unlocking the value of forests provides a great opportunity for a country to capitalize on its natural assets. However, this destruction can be slowed, stopped, and in some cases even reversed. We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe.

When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct. Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down. Further, the "terra preta" soil could be used to help fight global warming since it sequesters carbon that would otherwise contribute to global warming.

United Nations University Press, For example, rainforests are home to many plants with potential medicinal value, yet it is usually American or European companies that develop drugs based on these natural compounds. One promising area of research looks at ancient societies that lived in the Amazon rainforest before the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century.

Involve indigenous people, where they still exist, in park management. Why is economics important in conservation?There are many reasons why the rainforests are disappearing right before our eyes.

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There are two main causes total deforestation, agriculture and fuel wood. The world's rainforests are currently disappearing at a rate of acres every hour (this is about football fields per hour). When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct.

Further, as the. Feb 14,  · The Disappearing Rainforests Conserving the rainforest is a worldwide issue of amazing significance. Tropical rainforests provide a habitat for critters, a unique ecosystem for plant, and an abundance of resources for individuals, however they are being destroyed at an astonishing speed.4/4(75).

Free Essay: The Disappearing Rainforests Conserving the rainforest is a global issue of great importance. Tropical rainforests provide a habitat for animals. Today tropical rainforests are disappearing from the face of the globe. Despite growing international concern, rainforests continue to be destroyed at a pace exceeding 80, acres.

Why are rainforests being destroyed? Why are rainforests disappearing?

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How can we save rainforests? Sponsor(s) FAQs.

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Disappearing tropical rainforests essay
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