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They all wore vests and socks of their house colours. He declared holiday on the following day. The prize distribution followed the sports. Again, we had the most interesting item. A month prior to the event, all the children of the school were divided into four houses and respective sports groups such as Primary classes and secondary classes.

We have four different houses.

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The five kilo metres race was a great fun. These items were also very interesting. Luck, however, did not favor me.


Students participate in various competing sports activities. I did not take part in these items.

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It was a great fun when boys jumped to pluck an apple tied higher up. Only three remained in the field. First of all, the athlete taking part in different events, staged a march past. I took part in the two hundred metre race and won the second prize.

All the teachers took part in it. The one who was the tallest of all won both the events. Every sportsman wears a white banyan and a white shirt. To start with, different races were staged among students of junior sectionwhich included the banana race, cycle race, baloon race, and back-ball race.

He went into the arena. We are full of joy on that day. The Drawing Teacher received his prize a little doll. He was cheered by the students, staff and parents alike.

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Throughout the year we have lots of activities like football, volleyball, table tennis, etc. The winter afternoon is the ideal time for having school sports. Arun was considered the best athlete of the school. The inaugural function came to a close with the display of a short drill.

I did not take part in any one of them.Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to.

My school the St. Andrews Sr. Secondary School also has its Sports Day every year sometime in. The annual sports day of our school was held on 15th January.

On this occasion, our school building and surroundings were nicely decorated with flowers, colour-papers and balloons. The Collector of the city was the chief guest. The Annual School Sports Day.

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Essay No. 01 “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Therefore our school has made a very good arrangement for games and sports.

Article shared by. We had the annual sports day of our school the other day. I took active part in the various events.

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The sports day began with the races—the hundred meter race, the meter race, the metre race and one mile race. ENGLISH ESSAY CLASS 5. School Sports. In every school the most exciting activity is the annual school sports. It is held once a year, around the month of December. Last year our annual school sports day was organized on 15 December.

It was conducted for two days. The first day was the junior sports day from class 1 to 5. Short Essay on Annual Sports Day in School Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On August 1, By Team Work “All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Annual sport day essay
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