Academic writing month 2013

My goals will thus be of two sorts. In part, I made that decision because it was explicitly geared towards writing an academic book it was actually called AcBoWriMosomething that I was mercifully not trying to do. Rather they want me to introduce my work more clearly, state the thesis up front, etc.

Inspired by National Novel Writing Montha challenge to write 50, words of fiction in a month, Charlotte Frost then a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee set herself a similar task in for her own academic writing. Should I have aimed higher or lower?

Goal 1 is to finish revising an academic journal paper I have a revise and resubmit offer on, and email the revised version to the editors by the end of November. Write your dissertation, get a job, get tenure.

Prompted by the AcWriMo spreadsheet, I have set a target of an hour of writing a day, five days a week the numbering may shift, but I am currently number in the Academic Writing Accountability spreadsheet.

To get more articles like this direct to your inbox, become a member of the Higher Education Network. But this misses the point: But through the fortnightly live chats which mimic the formula of other successful Twitter-based discussions like PhDchat we witnessed a tide of change.

Frost also discussed the start of AcBoWriMo on her own blog. Unlike words, this site allows you to choose your own word count goal and then displays an adorable animal photo if you reach it.

Decide on your goal.

Academic Writing Month and the social landscape of academic practice

I definitely want to be more productive and consistent as a writer, so I am approaching AcWriMo as an experiment: A good tool for managing that process is a brainstorming tool called a mindmap.

A few dissonant voices argued that writing quality might be compromised by working intensively or that the project could give the impression that academic writing can and should be a fast process. At this point, however, I need a more systematic approach.

AcWriMo has six guidelines: Those are my two goals. Are you intrigued by the concept, but not sure where to start? Similar to words, writtenkitten provides an online writing space and counts your words as you write them.

If you like cute cat pictures, this may be the site for you. The AcWriMo hashtag is already inspiring, funny, and enlightening: Should I have set a word count instead of making a time commitment?

The AcWriMo hashtag is already inspiring, funny, and enlightening: Different subject areas have different demands, and some tasks can be completed quickly while others require a slower and more considered process.

Additionally, other participants defended Frost and the project.Last year, November was AcBoWriMo (short for Academic Book Writing Month), a month in which, as Charlotte Frost proposed, “We are going to wear comfy clothes, drink a lot of coffee, probably nap.

Academic Writing Month Posted on November 2, | 9 comments Yesterday was the first day of Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo), a month dedicated to academic. Oct 31,  · Writing goals for AcWriMo October 31, by vivdunstan Now it’s the eve of Academic Writing Monthwhich runs through November, I’m going to state my goals up-front.

Yesterday was the first day of Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo), a month dedicated to academic productivity and public accountability. The full 'rules' can be found at the PhD2Published site, but here's the short version: Aim high, tell everyone, be strategic, check in, work hard.

Even if you don't have the flexibility to devote the whole month to.

Academic Writing Month

Academic Writing Month To mark Academic Writing Month (#ACWRIMO, #ACWRI), we've pulled together our key author guides and some useful articles in one’ve made the articles FREE for the whole of November, and the rest of our collateral is available for November and beyond – just bookmark this page for easy access.

Happy writing! We’re in the middle of AcWriMo !No, it’s not a music festival or a pandemic (unless you consider academic writing a disease). AcWriMo is short for Academic Writing Month, a month-long event held each November that encourages academic writers, from undergrads to professors, to zero in on better and more efficient writing, share their progress, and participate in a support network with.

Academic writing month 2013
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